Ezra 6:16-18 | Dan Walker | Temple Baptist Church

At Temple, we believe those who trust in Jesus Christ for forgiveness of their sins and have surrendered their lives to Him are His disciples. Being a disciple means you are Jesus's apprentice, constantly learning His ways in community as a part of the new life you've gained through the Holy Spirit, in order to glorify God (Matt. 28:19-20).

The pathway above captures how we understand some of the key moments and ongoing activities in the life of a disciple. We call it "God's Big Story" because we believe the progression from left to right in the pathway represents the path of redemption God works in the lives of believers (Rom. 3:21-26, Eph. 5:8-11). Of course, the order of certain steps can vary, and the pathway is not a comprehensive understanding of the Christian life. We could say much more about growing in our love for God, learning to find satisfaction in Him, and many other aspects of our faith. But we like this pathway because we believe God wants to transform all of us from spiritual wanderers (Chapter 1) to disciples of Jesus who are showing others, whether in word or deed, what it looks like to follow Jesus (Chapter 8).

Consequently, our discipleship pathway serves as a vision document for all of our ministries. Come out to a service on Sunday morning, send your child to a Wednesday night program, or attend one of our special events, and you'll see how we worship God in light of the story He is writing in our lives.